DeLay says he's in race for seat on high court

Circuit Judge Gunner DeLay, who is a former state lawmaker, prosecutor and district judge, is seeking the state Supreme Court post now held by Karen R. Baker next year, DeLay said Thursday.

DeLay, 57, announced his bid for Position 6 on the Arkansas Supreme Court in a news release and a campaign video.

Baker has served an associate justice in Position 6 on the state's high court since 2011.

DeLay said in a telephone interview that he was unsuccessful in trying to reach Baker in what he called a courtesy call on Thursday and "I don't know what her intentions are."

Baker could not be reached for comment by telephone on Thursday about whether she plans to run for reelection next year.

DeLay said he is running for the state Supreme Court because "it is the last line of defense for protecting the rights of the people, rights that include free speech, the right to bear arms and the due process of law.

"The stakes in this race couldn't be higher because what the court decides today determines the kind of world that our kids and our grandkids live in tomorrow."


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